A simple and efficient command-line application that can easily ping a preferred URL address and display relevant statistics about its status.

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http-ping Description

http-ping is a lightweight tool that was designed to offer you some insight on URLs by probing and obtaining various information. Simplified, it’s a pinger but with much more to offer.

An easy to use command line tool

http-ping is an application that is designed for those who are at least familiar to the command line environment. This doesn’t mean that it’s inaccessible if you’ve never used a similar application but it will take you a bit more time to get the handle of it.

For advanced users, http-ping can be located and run from within command line while novice users can simply drag and release the .exe into the user interface and hit the Enter key. Typical to this kind of utility, when you simply run the executable file it will displays a short summary of all its commands and their descriptions, along with a short tutorial.

Once you get to this point, http-ping becomes very easy to use.

Ping specific URLs to obtain statistics

http-ping enables you to obtain the HTTP return code along with a short description for it, the number of received bytes from the server and the time it took for the request to complete. This information can be a one-time data extraction or you can have the application repeat the process countless times until you manually stop it.

It works over HTTP/S, supports IPv4 and IPv6, can follow HTTP redirects, save response information as a text file, use a proxy server and much more.

Find out which websites are online

To sum things up, http-ping is lightweight, very easy to use and quick on its feet, which makes it a handy and practical tool to have whenever you need to test the status of a website or extract response information.

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