Connect Now

A user-friendly and straightforward program created to help you establish a Wi-Fi hotspot, so you can share your Internet connection.

  • Connect Now
  • Version :2.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :NetParkBrothers

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Connect Now Description

Connect Now is an effective and exceedingly simple piece of software developed to assist you in setting up a wireless Internet hotspot, so you can access the web from your phone or a different portable device, for instance.

Novice-friendly and approachable looks

Appearance-wise, the application is very basic and compact, featuring a small, non-adjustable window, where you can define your hotspot’s setup information and start it with a button press.

Connect Now also features a series of menus that offer you additional functions and components, allowing you to learn the number of clients or clean temporary files from your computer.

Effortlessly establish your Wi-Fi hotspot

To get started, make sure you have your Wi-Fi adapter enabled or connected, depending on the case. Afterward, you can input the name of your hotspot and a password of at least eight characters in length; finally, you can press ‘Start’ and your wireless access point will become visible to other devices within moments.

With just a click, you can learn whether the network is functioning correctly, as well as determine how many devices are currently connected to your hotspot. However, you cannot view them individually, restrict their number or disconnect them.

Schedule your system to shutdown or erase temporary data

Moreover, Connect Now features a series of tools categorized as ‘Add-ons’, namely ‘Clear Temp’ (which deletes temporary files from your computer) or ‘Sh Shutdown’ (helping you schedule your PC to power off after a preferred amount of time).

Similarly, you can use the ‘Clear Clipboard’ component, to remove all data stored in your clipboard, while the ‘Reset IP’ will modify your IP address settings.

An intuitive hotspot creator for you to work with

To sum it up, Connect Now is a handy and easy to understand program that you can rely on for creating a Wi-Fi hotspot in just a few quick moves, its usage being so straightforward that even the less experienced of people can use it without too much effort.

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