HoRNet TrackUtility

A user-friendly and efficient audio plugin that you can easily use to perform a variety of small adjustments when creating music.

  • HoRNet TrackUtility
  • Version:1.1.4
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:HoRNet Plugins

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HoRNet TrackUtility Description

HoRNet TrackUtility is a user-friendly and effective piece of software functioning as a plugin which you integrate in your VST host, supporting several audio unit types, namely VST2.4, VST3 and RTAS.

Simple and accessible usage

The application requires you to follow the precise installation steps for plugins, as indicated by the host that you are using, which may vary depending on its type.

Once the setup is complete, you can start working with HoRNet TrackUtilityright away, its straightforward looks eliciting a minimal level of prior knowledge in order to be used.

Perform numerous audio adjustments with little effort

HoRNet TrackUtility comprises a number of tools in a single interface, sparing you from having to work with multiple plugins, which can create quite a clutter on your workspace, in order to obtain the effects you are after. These are in the form of radio buttons, knobs and gliders, so you can easily adjust them when needed.

As such, you can enable DC filtering or track muting with a single click, as well as change the source channel between ‘Left and Right’, ‘Left’, ‘Right’ or ‘Right and Left’. Similarly, you can invert the left or right channel phases, activate and adjust the auto gain level or choose the preferred auto gain mode (RMS or peak).

Moreover, HoRNet TrackUtility enables you to set the track panning percentage as well as the stereo image wideness. With a single button press, you can activate the output clipper or the limiter, then cary on with your project.

A feature-rich audio plugin

To sum it up, HoRNet TrackUtility is a complex yet easy to handle tool for VST hosts that offers you a series of useful functions and features under one roof, saving you the effort of having to resort to several different plugins in order to benefit from the same effects.

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