DefleMask Tracker

A powerful software solution equipped with effects, instruments and real time emulation with support for multiple old school systems.

  • DefleMask Tracker
  • Version:12.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Delek

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DefleMask Tracker Description

Music is found in nearly every form of entertainment. In video games, it started out from sound chips, a highly synthesized representation of instruments and used for effects and music, until technology advanced and was able to process more advanced audio formats. Luckily, enthusiasts still have a shot at creating chiptunes music with applications like DefleMask Tracker.

Well-organized interface

The application stores all of its features in an intuitive interface and, although modern, it could use a little tuning here and there. The upper section provides quick access to basic load and save options, as well as effects you can add or options to change tempo, octave and more. A pattern matrix enables you to configure the number of channels, as well as a wavelength display, just for visual enhancement.

Quick and easy creation process

Creating music is incredibly easy and you only need to use the proper keyboard buttons to add sounds on the available patterns. Real time feedback is provided once a note is placed, with the possibility to play the whole song or just custom patterns for close analysis.

Support for various formats

In addition, managing speed and pause intervals you can create a fair number of effects. The output can be set as NTSC or PAL, with support for various machines, such as YMU759, Genesis, C64, Game Boy, SMS, NES and PC-Engine.

What’s more, when your work is done you can choose to save either under DMF, ROM and VGM formats you can then use to apply to a certain machine. The same type of files can be imported, with the application automatically detecting notes.

A few last words

On an ending note, DefleMask Tracker is a handy application enthusiasts can use to give their games an enhanced, old-school atmosphere. The amount of features it comes equipped with is decent, with little time needed to be spent with accommodation. What’s more, the amount of devices it supports a number of instruments make it worth a try.

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