Download and listen to podcasts by relying on this multi-purpose application that provides you with support for local or external torrents and also magnet links.

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Hootr Description

While enjoying podcasts on your computer can be an entertaining way to spend your leisure time, doing so without appropriate means is difficult, if not impossible.

However, nowadays you can choose from a large palette of software solutions that can help you access your favorite content. One of the tools mentioned above is Hootr.

Please note that this application requires you to have a working Internet connection so that it can provide you with its full range of capabilities.

Simple installation, intuitive layout

Setting up this program on your computer can be done without any difficulties by a large range of users, regardless of their PC operating skills, as it does not require any additional configuration.

Its neatly organized design makes it highly accessible, since its functions are highly straightforward, thus making it possible for any user with basic experience regarding podcast tools to operate them.

Download, organize and listen to your favorite podcasts

Hootr can help you access your favorite podcasts without considerable effort. However, you have to configure a series of parameters before being able to enjoy the content mentioned above.

When you first run it, the application encourages you to adjust its settings according to your preference and also offers to download a pack of podcasts that you can quickly enjoy.

It is possible that you can organize your feeds by various criteria, including category (such as arts, comedy or talk shows), type (audio, video, torrent) or you can filter your content by name.

Can upload your content on a local server

Additionally, this application provides you with support for running a web server that you can use to upload your content quickly and without hassle. You just need to enable this function from the configuration menu and specify a server location on your computer.

The program automatically saves logs for significant events and lets you view them from the same configuration window. You can also choose to delete every item in the list by clicking the D button.

Comprehensive podcast downloader, organizer and player with local web server support

All in all, Hootr is a reliable application that can help you download, organize and play your podcasts without effort, by providing you with a broad range of useful, intuitive functions. Installing it on your computer can be accomplished in a hassle-free manner, it packs a user-friendly interface and its features are highly accessible for numerous users, regardless of their PC skills.

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