Block advertisement banners from being displayed in any program that connects to the Internet, including browsers and ad-supported apps, with this lightweight utility.

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AdsOut Description

Advertisements are a good way for website owners and application developers to support their work, but it can get a bit annoying to have to deal with countless ads when browsing the web or using certain applications.

AdsOut is a relatively simple desktop app that can prevent advertisement banners from being displayed on the web and in programs that connect to the Internet. It isn’t a perfect ad blocker, but it certainly has its advantages.

Portable ad blocker that can even be deployed from a USB drive

The application is distributed in the form of a single executable file, and there is no need to go through an installation process before using it. Therefore, you can place the program on a portable storage device and use it on the go.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the application does not leave anything behind on your PC when used, as no new registry entries or temporary files are created.

Works with any browser or desktop app, but usually only hides ads

AdsOut prevents advertisements from being displayed no matter which browser you are using, including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari. If an application connects to the Internet to display ads, these should be blocked as well.

However, we noticed during our tests that most advertisements are simply hidden, as the space they were designated on the page is not freed up.

Features a simplistic UI and cannot be sent to the system tray

The user interface isn’t exactly impressive, but the biggest problem is that you do not have an option to minimize the application to the system tray once you have enabled the ad blocker.

In conclusion, AdsOut is an interesting desktop alternative to browser-based ad blockers, and it should also prevent ads from being displayed in ad-supported programs. It only seems to hide certain ads, however, and it cannot be sent to the system tray.

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