Highly Highlighter for Chrome

Highlight and save or share snippets from your favorite articles with the help of this Chrome extension that helps you keep track of great findings on the Internet.

  • Highly Highlighter for Chrome
  • Version:3.7.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Highly Inc.

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Highly Highlighter for Chrome Description

While the Internet provides us with inconceivably large and varied resources, it is not in this aspect that its essence lies, but in the connectivity that it succeeds to create between people enjoying the said content.

And since we are able to consume only chunks of the data the web has to offer, we tend to rely a lot on recommendations made by friends who find snippets we might be interested in. In order to streamline the process of sharing content, a tool such as Highly Highlighter should prove quite handy.

Chrome extension letting you highlight content found on your favorite websites

Before anything else, it must be said that Highly Highlighter is a Google Chrome extension, that you can easily add to your browser in order to save and share with your friends strings of text that catch your attention.

Before starting to use the program, it provides you with a nice introduction that should familiarize you with its capabilities in no time. Once you have completed these steps, all you need to do is press the exclamation mark on your keyboard to wake your highlighter.

Save and share text with your friends

Selecting multiple sections from any website now turns the text red while a floating toolbar appears near the words you highlighted.

This menu allows you to save content to an optional account associated with the application, which stores all your highlights in a nice interface displaying a couple of details about the source. In case you are more comfortable reading the selected paragraphs in their original context, you can do that as well.

But as mentioned, the core purpose of this Chrome extension is to share content with friends. You can do that via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, mail or simply copy a link and share it using on whatever other platform.

Great tool enabling you to manage your favorite snippets from any article

On an ending note, Highly Highlighter is a browser extension for Google Chrome that, in exchange for minimal trial and error, returns a lot of ease and fun. It allows you to save and share stories found on the Internet in a comfortable manner, thus helping you promote great findings on the Internet.

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