ConcreteCost Estimator

You can build fast and accurate concrete construction estimates, as well as customize each order, with this reliable MS Excel add-in.

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ConcreteCost Estimator Description

ConcreteCost Estimator is a flexible Microsoft Excel tool designed for estimating prices, overhead and profit rates in a construction project. The tool is both an add-in and a worksheet template which you can easily modify, in order to suit your requirements. Moreover, it can generate detailed reports or summaries on the selected items.

Worksheet template for your construction project

ConcreteCost Estimator is suitable for calculating accurate construction costs, featuring customizable, built-in cost parameters. The workbook comes with a multitude of pre-configured sheets that you can easily modify. New fields can be added, the existing ones can be modified and the prices may easily be updated, for each case.

Details about each product can be modified from a separate window, based on the work product ID. You may assign a cost code, small description, base quantity, measurement unit and work related costs: materials, minimum labor hours and price per billable hour. Moreover, you can add custom notes for each product.

Construction job configuration

ConcreteCost Estimator allows you to define certain standard wages, for work divided by levels of difficulty. You may specify the overhead and profit rates, as well as taxes and the local currency. The columns are indicated in each worksheet based on their customizable character.

Separate spreadsheets are dedicated to calculating specific costs for sitework, formwork, reinforcement, concrete, repairs and quotes. These include the established rates for testing, temporary facilities, equipment rental and structural elements.

The tool also features an Estimation spreadsheet, which you cannot change, designated to displaying the results of the calculation. The add-in allows you to create a comprehensive cost report, by inserting each of the required elements to the final bill.

Reliable report generator

ConcreteCost Estimator is a reliable tool for any type of construction business, since it can offer you an early overview on the general cost of each project. It allows you to create a highly detailed list of all the required elements and estimate the final cost. Moreover, it can generate summaries, detailed reports, labor reports, price quotations and bills of material.

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