Helio Workstation

Create music projects by drawing notes on a piano-like canvas using different-sized brushes, copying, pasting and resizing notes.

  • Helio Workstation
  • Version : 1.7.6
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Peter Rudenko

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Helio Workstation Description

If you are interested in creating music with your computer, you are probably aware of the fact that without appropriate tools, it would be near impossible to accomplish that.

Fortunately, nowadays you can choose from a broad spectrum of software solutions, such as Helio Workstation, that can provide you with all the necessary functions.

Quick setup

Installing this program on your computer can be accomplished without significant efforts since it requires no complicated configuration on your side.

You only need to accept the End User License Agreement, define a destination path on your computer and decide whether or not a desktop shortcut should be created.

Smooth interface

Helio Workstation comes with a sleek, user-friendly interface that integrates multiple straightforward functions. You need to have at least medium PC knowledge and previous experience with similar software in order to understand and operate this program’s controls entirely.

More so, the lack of any form of local help documentation makes it difficult for novices to make use of its functions efficiently.

Create musical projects by drawing

This program lets you create musical projects by drawing notes on a piano-like canvas, which you can play afterward. Generating a project requires you to assign it a title, an author, a description and a license type.

The standard project comes with Intro, Middle and Outro sections, each of which shelters an Arpeggio subcategory and a Theme one. You can use different instruments for each track by simply opening the context menu and clicking the Change Instrument button.

Automation clip support

Also, you can add automation to your projects, work in multiple layers, import midi files from your computer if you want to use a preexisting score, export it to various formats (such as FLAC, OGG or WAV) and transpose it entirely.

Helio Workstation comes with a rudimentary Settings menu where you can choose your default playback device, driver, sample rate and buffer size. Furthermore, you can change its appearance and switch between Direct2D and OpenGL rendering modes.

Lightweight music creator with several useful functions

All in all, Helio Workstation is a handy application that allows you to generate musical projects by drawing. It can be easily installed on the target computer, packs a user-friendly interface and features several useful functions to help you simplify your work.

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