Manage your restaurant by setting up an intuitive POS application to handle employees, deliveries, tables, transactions, invoices, and more.

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HDRestaurant Description

A computer greatly enhances any domain of activity. As such, POS applications got developed to help businesses manage their customers, orders, products, and finances a lot easier. For instance, HDRestaurant is a point of sale program for your restaurant or bar, with a whole variety of features at your disposal.

Set up your type of restaurant

The first launch of the application lets you choose whether to start off with a blank database or load a sample one to quickly get you up and running. The overall design of the application is intuitive, with colored elements to make identification of functions easier. The main window is where you view all actions, while management of individual data groups is usually handled in a different window.

On the bright side of things, the application is highly customizable in terms of your type of business, and it can handle regular restaurants, dine in, take away, and even delivery orders. Thorough management allows you to handle a whole variety of details, and you can handle them individually from the set-up screen.

Thorough management and customization of individuals, items, and transactions

It’s a good idea to first access the set-up section, especially if you start with a blank database. Here you get to manage dining tables, items, stock, cash registers, invoices, customers, suppliers, employees, reports, godowns, cheques, financial transactions, purchase returns, loyalty points, barcode printing, offers, tax management, daily sales, estimates, deliveries, and a lot more.

As mentioned, the main screen acts as the control panel for all transactions. Filters help you find data of interest fast. Adding cash to a register is also done from here. The application comes with a built-in table manager for proper layout and monitoring of your location and activities.

A few last words

Bottom line is that managing a business is not an easy thing, but HDRestaurant is sure to get you on the right track. It can take a bit of time to fill in all details, but the organized structure and depth of interaction between even the smallest of details make this program definitely worth your while.

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