Increase the success of your small business or store of any kind through clever and simple management of item databases, transactions, employees, and more.

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HDPOS Lite Description

Don’t think for a second that owning a small store is an easy thing. On the contrary, it needs to manage all aspects of a regular business, but on a reduced scale. On the bright side of things, owners can easily rely on specialized applications like HDPOS Lite to manage transactions, funds, supplies, and employees.

Manage any kind of small business or store

The application takes little time to install, but you do need to be sure that .NET Framework is on your computer for everything to properly function. You can start off from a blank database, or use an existing sample to take a look through the set of features to know what you’re up against.

At its core, the application is nothing more than a point of sale application to help with transactions inside a store. However, it’s a bit more than that, packed with a variety of features for an almost complete management of a small store. Thus you’re also able to manage employees, suppliers, stock, and more.

Create and manage item databases

One of your first tasks is to create your database. Although this can take quite a bit of time, the application allows you to import existing data in most management areas. Once you manage to set up all details though, all work becomes considerably more comfortable, especially because these small item databases are interconnected and can share details.

The setup screen is where initial management of data is done. You go through a variety of categories like items, GRN, customers, employees, suppliers, sales invoices, financial accounts, financial transactions, stock, sales returns, stock transactions, estimates, taxes, GRN returns, and reports.

As mentioned, the main screen is the actual POS component. Sales apply here, and you can even input data from a connected barcode scanner. Quantities can be defined, price changed, invoices configured, and payments issued either in cash or via credit card. An estimate can instantly be printed via a connected printer.

To end with

All in all, POS applications make the lives of store owners a lot easier, keeping all details organized in a secure place. HDPOS Lite comes to prove this, allowing you to manage nearly all aspects of a small business of any kind.

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