Easily and quickly create publication-quality graphs and other types of charts with the help of this streamlined piece of software.

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Grapher Description

Information can be transmitted in multiple ways but visual representation (vectorial) of the data is generally the preferred method because it is more comprehensible.

Purpose and interface

Grapher is a full solution designed to cover advanced graphing needs (both 2D and 3D), almost regardless of their purpose; it can prove to be an asset with presentations of all sort (marketing, analysis, sales) or just to better portray a specific situation.

The interface may seem overwhelming at first because of the rich list of options but a closer look at the windows included in the main application screen should clear things up a bit. However, experience with this sort of software is a big advantage.

Also, there is plenty of documentation available to learn the ropes and the samples included with the program can help speed things up and avoid starting a new project from scratch. These can be customized and saved as templates for later use.

Building graphs

At the core of a chart or other type of visual representation is hard cold data, which can be added in the program directly or it can be created in a third party solution such as an ASCII text editor or Excel utility.

The application provides plenty of choices as far as the graphs are concerned. Data can be rendered through plot lines and these are organized by the type (basic, bar, polar, statistical, specialty or contour surface); there is also the possibility to use the guiding wizard that features a description for each of them.

In order to avoid doing repetitive tasks the application includes scripting support to automate their execution and save time.


Grapher is designed for building professional, complex visuals and this is more than obvious even at a first glance. It is very flexible and versatile and provides all the tools necessary for the job.

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