FireDaemon Pro

A simple and efficient software utility that allows you to install and run virtually any native Windows application or script you want as services.

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FireDaemon Pro Description

Since the computer can be equipped with applications to enhance every activity from leisure to work related events, it can take some time to run all of them and get your workspace ready. Some applications can be set to automatically run at startup, but for those that don’t, specialized utilities like FireDaemon Pro let you bypass this issue, as well as a lot more management options.

Intuitive interface and comprehensive menus

In terms of visuals, the application sports a clean and intuitive design, with most of the space being used to display all created tasks along with related details like description, running status, process name, startup type, target user and system resource usage.

Sooner or later you end up adding a new service definition, which is the application’s core function. The new window that’s brought up is cleverly organized in tabs, because of the abundance of features it puts at your disposal.

Create custom services for any application

A task can include nearly any application you can install on your system, command lines or several programming language scripts. The application creates a service so that your system’s resources are properly distributed and used only when needed.

Although packed with an impressive array of configurations, both beginners and experts can go through configuring a service. From basic info such as name, description and path of executable file, you also get to create schedules, dependencies, recovery options and more, with not all of them being mandatory.

Automated tasks with scheduling options

Depending on your intentions, you can use the application as a simple means of adding programs to your startup list, or create thorough automated tasks. This can be done with tools such as a scheduler packed with advanced timing options, or even a lifecycle feature that lets you set parameters for program closure along with timing options.

Handle failures and configure dependencies

Amongst others, you can take extra safety measures in case unexpected events occur. Through the recovery feature, the application can be set to take action upon launch failure, with configurations for repeated failures.

There’s also the possibility to set dependencies in case the target application needs other services to run. Additionally, pre and post-service programs can be included which helps when creating automated tasks.

In conclusion

On an ending note, FireDaemon Pro lives up to expectations and gives both beginners and experts the possibility to fully configure what and how custom applications or scripts to run. The set of features it comes equipped with is impressive and you can also save settings lists in case you want to create a general task to deploy on multiple computers.

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