Golden Ratio

Carefully re-arrange content based on the golden section ratio and alter measurements accordingly with this lightweight software solution.

  • Golden Ratio
  • Version:3.1.5
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Markus Welz

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Golden Ratio Description

Widely known as the divine proportion, the golden ratio refers to an aesthetically pleasing dimension that recurrently occurs in nature in general.

As the name suggests, Golden Ratio is a utility that allows you to determine the proportions of distances in simple geometric figures.

Includes 2 efficient tools

The application features an Edit and Template modes and 2 helpful tools, namely a stencil and a general measurement tool. While the first one’s role is to place a frame on the screen to guide you, the latter allows you to measure angles and proportions in your compositions.

It is necessary to mention that both tools include their own set of functions, such as rotate, changing the width and style of the pattern lines, connect or disconnect lines, view the angles between them and preview the length and ratio, to name a few.

The aforementioned options along with selecting an appropriate pattern have numerous practical applications, such as knowing where to place a satellite dish based on the inclination of the building, for example.

An extensive Edit mode

You can access all these functions and include as many stencils and measurement tools from the Edit mode. As you probably hinted, the mode is designed as a worksheet where you have dozens of patterns and ratios to choose from.

Depending on your work preferences, you can select a grid with a precise distance and appearance or activate the crosshair function to use the mouse pointer for making the measurements.

It is necessary to mention that while in Edit mode, the application’s interface always stays on top. While you can change the transparency level so it is not that bothersome, it can be slightly irritating when you are working with several other programs at the same time. It would be nice if the app allowed you to disable this option whenever necessary.

A tool for designers and artists

In case you are working on an art project that entails beautiful symmetries and proportions, then Golden Ratio can help you make sure you get the correct dimensions.

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