Manage water supply, sewerage, urban drainage and river hydraulics spatial data with this application that integrates with EPANET, EPA SWMM and HEC-RAS.

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Giswater Description

Giswater is a comprehensive water management suite designed to integrate with several third-party modules in order to provide accurate solutions. The program communicates with these tools via a client-server architecture.

Multiple related applications should also be installed

The resource requires several modules not supplied with the main package, in order to function correctly. Users are well-advised to download these components, as the software is quite powerful when properly configured!

Functionality-wise, PostgreSQL, PostGIS 2.0 (without these the program will only run in DBF mode), EPANET, EPA SWMM and HEC-RAS (if Giswater is applied to water supply, river analysis and drainage or sewerage) are recommended, while QGIS is required in order to view the output database simulation.

Output projects are saved as program-specific GSW extensions (for preferences) and SQL for the actual data files. The latter databases can then be loaded into other programs.

Simulations range from pipe management to river analysis

If all external modules are installed, the program can be configured to load a few samples. These are great for training users and deal with water supply, urban drainage (1D or 2D) or river analysis.

There are several new projects (also dependent on the third-party resources) that users can create with this tool. For example, Giswater integrates with EPANET and allows simulating water distribution networks, complete with the corresponding pipe network models.

With EPA SWMM, the software can simulate urban drainage and sewerage system tests (complete with the conduit network). And, for users involved in hydraulic and fluvial engineering modeling, the integration with HEC-RAS will prove essential.

A detailed analysis suite

In conclusion, Giswater is a highly specialized and comprehensive water conduit management and simulation tools. Since it integrates with other powerful modules, scientists and engineers will surely find it useful.

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