Arclab Website Link Analyzer

SEO optimization tool that can analyze a website to help you find broken links and other problems that might result in a lower search engine ranking.

  • Arclab Website Link Analyzer
  • Version :2.1.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Arclab Software Technologies

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Arclab Website Link Analyzer Description

The Internet opened new doors and offered alternatives as far as marketing is concerned. However, it’s not enough to have an online website with a good design. What is really important is to make it visible to Internet users and increase the number of visits and potential sales. Here is where SEO applications come in, and one tool that can help you optimize your website and improve its ranking in search engine results is Arclab Website Link Analyzer.

Website crawler that identifies SEO-related issues

As its name implies, Arclab Website Link Analyzer can perform a thorough analysis of a website, retrieving relevant information regarding issues that require your immediate attention. In other words, it is a website spider that enables you to scan for broken URLs and detect other problems that might negatively affect your website’s ranking.

Working with the application should pose no problems, thanks to the clean interface and the intuitive options. You start by adding a new website to the list and going through the scanning configuration settings to define the options you want. To be more specific, you can specify a maximum number of simultaneous download threads, customize the timeout and the maximum number of retries, the maximum link depth, the keyword length, exclusions, and more.

Find broken links, redirections, duplicates, and errors

Arclab Website Link Analyzer enables you to monitor its progress as it analyzes the target website, displaying statistical information about its findings even before the final report is created.

The application can find broken links and missing anchors, pages that redirect, duplicate HTML content, missing or duplicate page titles or META descriptions. Furthermore, it can identify charset conflicts and detect HTML server and client errors. It also displays data concerning internal and external resources.

The report is stored within the application, but you can also export it to TXT or CSV format. Alternatively, you can opt for creating an XML or plain text sitemap based on the scan results.

An SEO diagnosis utility for any webmaster

With simple options and a GUI that is very easy to get accustomed with, Arclab Website Link Analyzer is an application that is suitable for anyone’s SEO toolbox. It can diagnose a website at high speed, enabling the owner to view comprehensive reports that comprise SEO-related issues or aspects that need improving.

Used wisely, such an application can help website owners and webmasters significantly increase the visibility of their website in search engine results.

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