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With this intuitive program, you can swiftly customize the look and feel of all your photographs, making them perfect for uploading online.

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Free Picture Enhancer Description

Free Picture Enhancer is a practical and user-friendly software utility created to offer you to means of improving the appearance of your photos in just a few clicks, sparing you from having to resort to complicated programs to get the job done.

Straightforward and intuitive looks

The application features a simple and easy to handle GUI, its self-explanatory functions leaving little to the imagination, even if you have little experience with similar tools.

The interface of Free Picture Enhancer features a working window where it will display the preview of your modified image, while from the ‘Filters’ panel, you can adjust various aspects about it.

Improve your photos’ appearance with the help of filters and effects

To get things started, you can load your file into the program; it supports JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF and BMP formats, and can only process items individually, as a batch function is not available.

Free Picture Enhancer lets you find the best position and zoom level for the image, so you can view it in full at all times. In the lower section of the window, it even offers you a series of information about it, such as size, dimensions or creation date.

From the ‘Filters’ panel, you can adjust the level of ‘Lighting’, ‘Radiance’, ‘Brightness’, ‘Gamma’, ‘Contrast’, ‘Cyan’, ‘Magenta’ or ‘Yellow’, by means of dedicated sliders, ranging between zero and one hundred.

Moreover, from the same-named menu at the top of the window, you can work with several other categories of effects, specifically ‘Color’, ‘Binarization’, ‘Edge Detectors’, ‘Convolution & Correlation’ or ‘Other’. However, once applied onto the picture, their intensity or degree is not customizable in any way. Outputting the result can only be done to the same format as the source file.

A simple photo customization instrument

In short, Free Picture Enhancer is a handy albeit fairly limited tool that aims to assist you in modifying your favorite images with the help of numerous effects and filters, changing or improving their look on the fly.

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