Free Photo Text Editor

A handy and effective program that you can use for quickly captioning or watermarking your favorite pictures, before you upload them online.

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Free Photo Text Editor Description

Free Photo Text Editor is an extremely simple and straightforward piece of software which was developed in order to help you write various notes or messages on your pictures, for instance as a watermark.

Clear-cut and streamlined usage

The application’s appearance is quite accessible and easy to handle, with all of its functions and configurable options comprised in the main window, so you will not need to go looking for any hidden capabilities.

As such, in the main window of Free Photo Text Editor, you can load your picture, input the text and optionally, choose a visual effect to apply to it, then save it to your computer.

Swiftly watermark photos with a custom message

Firstly, you will need to load your image into the program, by clicking on the indicated surface of the main window, then browse through your PC and open it. It only supports BMP, PNG and JPG format files; a batch processing function is not available, so you will have to work with each item individually.

Afterward, you can input your message in the dedicated text box and hit the ‘Enter’ key. Should you want to adjust its position, you can use the ‘Move Text’ button, and drag the line anywhere you need it to be. Right-clicking at this point enables you to modify the font, size and color of the message, as well as apply a colored border around a preferred letter.

From the ‘Effects’ menu, you can apply several filters to your image, for instance ‘Sepia’, ‘Grayscale’, ‘Blur’, ‘Negative’, ‘Sharpen’, ‘Cartoon’ and others. When complete, you can export the file to your computer, bearing in mind that it can only be saved to JPG format.

A simple tool to apply written messages onto images

To summarize, Free Photo Text Editor is a lightweight and effective utility that can help you write on your pictures, while also offering you a set of basic image filters to enhance their appearance.

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