Convert recordings captured with your Hikvision devices to more accessible formats by turning to this lightweight, handy application.

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FormatConvert Description

If you own Hikvision devices, such as IP cameras, Digital Video Recording systems or network speed domes, you probably know that viewing the recorded content can be subjected to limitations, due to compatibility issues.

However, you can use third-party software solutions, such as FormatConvert, to convert them to more accessible formats and view them without restrictions.

Simple installation

You can deploy this program on your computer without considerable efforts since no complicated configuration is required on your side.

During installation, you are only required to define a valid destination path on your computer, decide whether or not a desktop shortcut should be created and follow the on-screen instructions.

Minimalistic layout

FormatConvert comes with a plain, non-complicated user interface, which makes it possible for numerous users to benefit from its capabilities without significant efforts.

The functions it encompasses are neatly organized throughout its main window so that you can access them in a quick, hassle-free manner. It features a couple of configuration windows, where you can adjust video- or audio-related settings, such as choosing your preferred encoding type or setting bitrate values, according to your preferences.

Convert Hikvision device recordings

You can turn to this application if you need to convert video recordings captured with your Hikvision devices to more accessible formats.

In order to do so, you just need to provide the utility with the desired source videos, whether they are local documents or stream files, adjust the parameters in the two configuration menus, and hit the dedicated button.

It is also possible to display a preview of the selected item since the program features a built-in player, which you can access directly from the main screen.

Lightweight Hikvision recording converter

All in all, FormatConvert is a simple, yet effective tool that can help you convert recordings captured with your Hikvision devices to more popular formats, such as AVI or WMV. It features a simple, yet accessible user interface comes with intuitive functions and packs two handy configuration windows.

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