A reliable and handy software solution that can help you adjust the ‘Modified Time’ of your selected folders with a single mouse click.

  • FolderTimeUpdate
  • Version :1.46
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Nir Sofer

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FolderTimeUpdate Description

Whenever you change the contents of a folder, its Modified Date attribute is also updated, thus helping you keep informed regarding the last time you created, deleted or edited a file from the said directory.

FolderTimeUpdate is a handy application that enables you to automatically alter the Modified Date attribute of one or multiple directories at the same time.

Portability and ease-of-use within a straightforward app

The graphic user interface (GUI) of FolderTimeUpdate is intuitive and user-friendly, making it possible for novices and experts alike to make the most of its functions.

Furthermore, the application also comes with a Simulation mode, so that you can experiment with the updated timestamp until you are satisfied with the results, and only afterwards apply the changes.

Edit the Modified Date for multiple sub-folders in one go

You need to start by selecting the so-called base folder, where all the sub-directories you are interested in are located. You also get the possibility to select the sub-folders depth, depending on your necessities.

Next, you can set FolderTimeUpdate not to process empty folders or to apply a certain timestamp that you manually specify. The final step is the specify the type of information that should be included within the log: all items, only failed items or no details.

Export the results to HTML reports for later analysis

When you have adjusted the parameters according to your liking, you can proceed with changing the Modified Date attribute of your selected folders. Once this process is completed, you can export the results to an HTML report that can come in handy for later examination.

All in all, FolderTimeUpdate is a nifty software utility that enables users to alter the timestamp of a folder and it sub-directories with ease. Due to the simulation mode, you can make sure you do not accidentally process wrongly chosen folders.

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