Exe 64bit Detector

Easily determine if an application has 32 or 64-bit architecture with this useful command-line based utility that offers straightforward handling.

  • Exe 64bit Detector
  • Version :2.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :SecurityXploded Inc

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Exe 64bit Detector Description

Users who handle numerous applications might, at some point, need to determine if an executable is running on 32 or 64-bit architecture. In most cases, this can be achieved manually, by opening the preferred application into a basic text editor and examining the code manually. Thankfully, there is a much quicker solution to such issues and it’s called Exe 64bit Detector. It will allow users to easily determine if an app is running on 32 or 64-bit architecture, by using the command-line editor.

Command-line based interface that provides users with a straightforward handling

Featuring no installation process or extra configuration, the utility can be easily initiated by opening a command-line editor instance and entering its name. Its functionality is quite straightforward, allowing even novice users to get around to it.

All they need to do is to indicate the file path of the executable that needs to be analyzed and use the syntax presented in the on-screen help menu. Furthermore, if one wishes to determine if an app has 32 or 64-bit architecture much faster, Exe 64bit Detector can be moved in the app’s directory and then the file path doesn’t need to be inputted anymore.

Quickly determine if an application has 32 or 64-bit architecture, with this lightweight utility

Being based on the command-line editor, means that Exe 64bit Detector is quite lightweight on resources and doesn’t require any special criteria for it to run. In addition to information about the file type (32 / 64-bit), the utility offers details about the status of ASLR, DEP or SEH parameters, for the analyzed applications.

Looking on the downside of things, Exe 64bit Detector doesn’t have too many shortcomings and one potential improvement would be to allow users even faster executable analysis. To this end, drag-and-drop capabilities would significantly increase its handling efficiency.

Useful piece of software that will enable users to determine if their executables have a 32 or 64-bit architecture

For those who require a compact and efficient utility for detecting if executables have 32 or 64-bit architecture, this utility could be a good choice. It will offer users a command-line based interface that will offer prompt response and little to no resource consumption. Featuring easy-to-use commands and an intuitive handling, Exe 64bit Detector will be accessible to novice and expericend users alike.

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