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Batch rename all sorts of files with the help pf this approachable program that lets you work with prefixes, suffixes, numbers, while also enabling you to change your documents’ file format.

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FileName Extractor Description

We all know how repetitive tasks tend to be more tedious than elaborate ones, with the human brain being designed for challenge and not so much for dull routine.

This is reason enough to find a software utility such as FileName Extractor quite helpful since it offers to carry out for you precisely one of those undemanding but monotonous jobs – batch file renaming, in our case.

Can rename your files in batch mode

First and foremost, it is important to mention that the application sports a lightweight user interface that asks you to indicate the input files, which are then listed in a box right within the main window, with all the parameters you have chosen for the process being displayed as well.

And since we have touched upon the subject, it should be noted that coming up with a prefix or suffix is possible so that you can easily reorganize your documents. In addition, indicating a starting number can be done as well in order to group your documents.

Regarding the filename case, you may decide not to make any changes, but you can just as well go for uppercase or lowercase only.

Comes with various file renaming options

Apart from that, the application enables you to specify whether you want it to keep the original file format or change it to a new, user-defined one.

What’s more, you have multiple choices as far as the fate of your source files is concerned. To be more specific, you can opt to simply rename documents, rename and move them, or rename and copy them to a new location.

It should also be pointed out that there are three renaming modes, namely keep, cut, and replace with, in which case a text box must be filled in.

Lightweight tool automating a repetitive task

On an ending note, FileName Extractor is a hassle-free application whose purpose is to rename your documents in batch mode, with a series of adjutant features letting you automate the changes. Given the fact that it requires no particular tech skills, and no inconveniences whatsoever have been experienced during our tests, anyone could take it for a spin.

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