File Viewer Lite

Open various files, from images to texts and video, and have access to various editing features by using this reliable application.

  • File Viewer Lite
  • Version :1.3.3
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Sharpened Productions

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File Viewer Lite Description

While browsing your computer, you might find files that cannot be recognized by your operating system, thus not allowing you to open or view them. Luckily, there are certain software solutions that can help you in this matter, one of them being File Viewer Lite.

The application acts as a handy universal file opener that can help you edit documents, play multimedia files or find out information about a certain file without using dedicated programs.

Reliable and flexible file opener with intuitive GUI layout

File Viewer Lite allows you to open a multitude of files, regardless of their format. This can help you avoid having to download programs specifically designed to open those files, which can sometimes take a while to find and deploy.

Furthermore, any uncommon format that cannot be opened can still be scanned for information, so that you can find a program that can open it.

Dependable media opener and document editor

The application can help you play certain audio and video multimedia files, or edit documents on the spot. This way, you can edit on the spot PDF or DOC files, without having to install Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word on your computer.

Aside from this, each file can be scanned for information in different views. For instance, you can see the native display of a file, along with its textual content or HEX representation. This can help you find out more about a file’s origin and content.

A powerful and easy to use universal file opener

As a base conclusion, File Viewer Lite enables you to view the content of most files from your system, or play multimedia content. Besides, you can also use the application to edit documents without having to install dedicated software.

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