File Organiser

A software application that enables users to quickly and easily manage their files and folders, with the help of a two-pane system explorer.

  • File Organiser
  • Version :1.910
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Mick Florey

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File Organiser Description

File Organiser is a software utility that was specifically developed so that you can manage the files and folders you have on your hard drive with great ease.

The interface of the application is a bit outdated, using a classical design that closely resembles the one used in the ’98 version of the Windows OS.

The program consists of two panes in which you can open different folders and disk partitions. On the upper side of the main screen there are button shortcuts that allow you to access the most used actions. Furthermore, you can drag and drop items from one section to another and thus, move them to other parts of your HDD. All of these are features that make using this program easy for anybody.

If you do not know how to use something, you can always check the Help contents or some of the YouTube tutorials made by the developers.

The app integrates a very useful search tool which permits you to look for all the folders and files that contain a certain keyword. In order to receive more relevant results, you can input the size of the file you are searching for and the date at which it has been modified.

If you are worried about data loss, you should know that File Organiser can help you make a backup for all the data you have stored on your computer. This feature eliminates the need to have an additional, specialized program just to make sure that all the important information you have will be safe.

In conclusion, File Organiser is a very useful tool that enables you to manage all your files and folders in a quick fashion, and also make backups for all the important data you have.

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