eTeSoft iPod Video Converter

A straightforward application that allows users to easily convert and optimize multiple video files for playing them on their iPods.

  • eTeSoft iPod Video Converter
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eTeSoft iPod Video Converter Description

eTeSoft iPod Video Converter is a piece of software designed to help users to easily convert videos from various formats to load them on their iPod devices.

Easy-to-use interface

The application comes with a straightforward GUI (Graphical User Interface), with all of its functions conveniently displayed on the main window.

Users can easily search for the files they want to convert, and then add them to the queue, which is displayed on the upper part of the app’s workspace. The list also shows info on their duration and format.

The software can also display additional details on each of the selected files, courtesy of an expanded view accessible via the small “+” button next to the file’s name.

Beneath the queue list, two panels allow users to set specific output options and to preview any of the files they have selected for conversion.

Optimize files for the mobile device

Before kicking off the conversion process, users can optimize the output files to ensure a great experience when playing them on their iPods. Clips can be converted to different types of .MP4, .MOV, and .M4V formats, so as to be compatible with various iPod versions.

The utility allows users to select the format of the output video, its resolution, bit rate, or frame rate, as well as to change audio settings, including volume or sample rate. They can also add tags to the converted files.

With this application, users can also have their video files renamed during conversion, and can modify their length by choosing a start point and the new clip’s duration.

Provided that multiple files have been already added to the list, users can select one or more to convert them immediately, or they can choose to have all of them converted, an operation that could take some time, depending on queue size and on the length of selected videos.

Enjoy fast, reliable video conversion

In conclusion, eTeSoft iPod Video Converter is a simple utility that allows users to convert their video files to a format optimized for iPods. The application is easy-to-use, offers a variety of customization options for the output files, and is quite snappy, though it might slow down when converting longer clips.

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