Emergency Boot Kit

Fix unbootable computers, save files, edit registry entries, recover data and reset passwords so you can gain access to your PC via this tool.

  • Emergency Boot Kit
  • Version :1.5d
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Mikhail N. Kupchik

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Emergency Boot Kit Description

Emergency Boot CD is an intuitive and useful software solution created to assist you in repairing PCs which you can no longer boot, thus preventing you from completely losing important data.

Experience is more than necessary

Subsequent to the download process, you will need to place the program onto a disc, using any ISO burning utility that you prefer.

You should bear in mind that this tool is not precisely for inexperienced individuals, as you do require solid knowledge in how to fix your system from a boot CD, otherwise you run the risk of further jeopardizing the data.

Boot your computer from the disc

For starters, you can insert the disc in the PC, then turn it on and access its Bios, choosing from which device to boot. Generally several options are available, such as floppy, hard disk, and CD-ROM. The last needs to be selected as default boot source, then save and exit, which will cause your system to restart.

Different machines have distinct methods of setting up the Bios, which makes prior knowledge essential to this operation. At the same time, you can consult the extensive documentation provided to make sure you are taking the right steps in booting your computer.

Next, Emergency Boot CD will display a series of windows which you can follow in order to access the ‘File Manager’, change drive letters, select, rename, delete or copy files and folders, or move them to another location, thus helping you retrieve some of the lost data.

Complex reboot tool

To conclude, Emergency Boot CD is an efficient utility which is meant to help you regain access to the information from unbootable computers, requiring however a fair amount of prior experience in order to handle.

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