DTM Migration Kit

Migrate information between databases or issue data import and export commands with this comprehensive application that allows you to execute SQL statements.

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DTM Migration Kit Description

Databases are highly secure containers for information of any kind and, as such, they are widely employed all over the world. Thus, multiple tools have been devised to assist users in adequately managing these libraries. DTM Migration Kit is one such utility that promises users a powerful solution for data migration, complete with options for importing and exporting information.

Import only selected table entries

The application supports unified database interfaces, such as ODBC and IDAPI, as well as frequently employed Access, DBF or Excel items. Essentially, the application is split into three modules, targeting either the importation, exportation or migration of data.

Loading new information into existing databases is performed by targeting a variety of items. One can import entries from local TXTs and CSVs, as well as from Microsoft Access, FoxPro, Paradox or Excel databases. Login credentials can be specified (if applicable), and ANSI conversion rules can be defined.

Generate TXT and RTF outputs from the source database

Exporting tables from existing libraries is performed either selectively or as a whole. Checkboxes allow users to select which items are transferred and output formats include TXTs, HTMLs, RTFs, XMLs as well as SQL statements. Several settings can be adjusted, such as the delimiter employed (if applicable) or the SQL statements separator used.

Finally, migrating information between two databases is possible once valid source and target items have been selected. As in the previous case, users can transfer data selectively and a preview frame allows one to foresee results.

Several auxiliary operations can be performed, including conditional database transfers, schema migrations, scheduled jobs and SQL scripts executions. A built-in console allows users familiars with SQL statements to customize their tasks.

The application migrates information between databases and also allows one to import and export data

To sum up, DTM Migration Kit is a comprehensive tool that can prove useful for anyone who employs multiple databases.

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