EF Process Manager

An application that shows you comprehensive information about which modules/processes have opened..

  • EF Process Manager
  • Version :7.60
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :EFSoftware

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EF Process Manager Description

EF Process Manager is a Windows software solution designed to show the running processes and provide full control over each item.

More like an evolved version of the popular Windows Task Manager, EF Process Manager has been designed to help you closely inspect the system, displaying not only each process, but also the loaded modules.

The interface might seem a bit overwhelming at the first glance, but it’s actually a very clean and well-organized look that perfectly brings the main features of the program in the spotlights.

With a two-panel look, EF Process Manager shows all running processes, along with information such as modules, priority, size, type, version, company, description, caption and location. In addition, the module screen shows reference count, size, modified, version, description and location.

As said, EF Process Manager puts the user in control of the aforementioned processes and modules, so a simple right click enables you to easily close or kill a process, register and unregister modules, search for various modules on the disk or even export the full list of processes to Excel.

What’s more, EF Process Manager comes with a comprehensive list of Windows error codes, which means that it also lends you a hand when trying to diagnose a specific computer problem.

Although it’s not quite addressed to beginners, EF Process Manager works flawlessly regardless of the Windows version running on your system, but administrator privileges are required on Windows 7 machines.

All things considered, EF Process Manager serves its purpose very well, without affecting system performance at all. It’s fast and reliable, while also providing a comprehensive help manual to make sure you figure out how to use every feature properly.

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