A software utility that enables you to store recipes and keep track of your events using the built-in calendar and event planner.

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CookBook+Calendar Description

Although cooking is a necessary, day-to-day activity, it can also be a hobby and a passion for some people. In order to sustain such a hobby, you may need a place to store your recipes, along with the various ingredients used in the process.

Store recipes and add events to the calendar

CookBook+Calendar is a software utility that enables you to manage your recipes, by storing them in a friendly and easy-to-use environment, from where they can be quickly retrieved when you need them. In addition, you can also separately add the main ingredients for each one, to distinguish them from the rest of the preparation process.

In case you are running a restaurant or you intend on hosting a dinner party, the application enables you to use its calendar component to properly plan and schedule your routine. In addition, you can also set up reminders to alert you about shopping for ingredients or to inform you about the arrival of your guests. These activities can be added as events inside the utility and you can view all of them on the provided calendar.

Export the recipes as HTML documents or print them on paper

If you want to transfer your recipes between computers, or you want to send them to your friends over the Internet, you can export them to a variety of file formats, including RTF, TXT or HTML. Due to the small size, they can easily be attached to emails or copied on an USB flash drive. Furthermore, to avoid losing your data, you can perform backup operations whenever you want, using application’s built-in capabilities.

Every recipe, event or calendar page can be printed on paper, using a variety of templates and styles. In addition, the recipe text can be fully formatted using the included text editor, which also allows you to add images, tables and even hyperlinks, as well as multiple alignment options and bullet lists.

Closing arguments

All in all, thanks to the wide variety of options and recipe management possibilities, CookBook+Calendar provides with a complete environment for your recipes and various related events and appointments. In addition, the familiar tabbed interface is intuitive and easy-to-use for anyone, regardless of your experience with computers.

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