EasyPlanEx HOME

A straightforward and comprehensive piece of software which you can use to manage capital projects and solve any financial problems.

  • EasyPlanEx HOME
  • Version :3.1.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :BoraSystems

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EasyPlanEx HOME Description

EasyPlanEx HOME is a lightweight software utility designed with the sole purpose of providing you with all the tools necessary to evaluate and improve investment projects by calculating net values or internal rate of return. With it, you can plan future investments based on forecasting balance sheets, cash flow and income statements.

Simple yet comprehensive interface

The interface of the application is tab-based and it may take a while before you can get used to working with its features and buttons. The first tab acts as a help manual, and it is recommended that you spend some time reading its contents, in order to understand how to use the program.

It is important to remember that in order to enable the ‘ACCEPT’ and ‘CANCEL’ buttons, first you need to apply changes to your project by pressing the ‘NEW’ or ‘MODIFY’ icons. Also, you cannot pass to the next tab if you do not fill certain text boxes. Plus, a pop-up window announces you where to add information in order to move on to the next step.

Create management projects to solve financial problems

EasyPlanEx HOME helps you find the best configuration for your newly created project by identifying the right parameters when it comes to location, scale, product type or technology needed to perform a risk analysis and provide you with a profitable solution.

The risk analysis consists of the Monte Carlo method that enables you to measure project risk levels and improve the quality of decision making by simulating worst-case and best-case scenarios. Thus, you are able to obtain an efficient solution that takes into account the best project alternatives considering the risk versus return estimates.

Handy management utility

Overall, EasyPlanEx HOME is a complex software application that helps you create financial projects and export detailed reports to Excel. It includes an introductory course and some financial planning sample cases for students and teachers who want to perform various management calculations and estimate capital gains taxes.

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