EasyPlanEx Free

A reliable, simple to use application designed to assist you in project management, evaluation and resources organizing, that can generate detailed reports.

  • EasyPlanEx Free
  • Version :3.1.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :BoraSystems

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EasyPlanEx Free Description

EasyPlanEx Free is an intuitive application that allows you to monitor the evolution of a project from beginning until the final touches. The software provides you with the means for assessing projects, tasks, financial situations and optimizing any kind of related issues.

Tab division for a more effective project management

With a comprehensive and user-friendly work environment, EasyPlanEx Free is a reliable financial assistant that enables you to work in separate tabs. Each tab presents a different aspect of the project, including models, results, documentation, resources, authors, productivity indicator or auditability.

EasyPlanEx Free makes evaluation and optimization of projects or investments plan an easy job. The implementing part, the project and report design are facilitated with the help of the integrated database. Moreover, the software can also help you assess the value of your business associates before commencing a large project.

Task designer and error fixer

Aside from project management, the software can also help you keep up with the value of common stock, most suitable options for inventory management and production planning. You can keep records of budget formulation and control as well as create simulations of financial statements.

EasyPlanEx Free can also assess project alternatives, by performing sensitive and risk analysis. The Monte Carlo method of risk observation allows the software to return precise results, with detailed explanations. Based on these parameters, the application can determine the efficiency frontier, or the optimal alternatives for the project, considering the risk and the local results.

Reliable digital assistant for risk management and project monitor

EasyPlanEx Free is a comprehensive application, but at the same time, it is well organized, offers sustainable support and allows you to keep records of project evolution. You may export reports or project details, evaluation models or tables. Additionally, the software can display an explanatory dialog box, when an error occurs, notifying you of the steps you need to perform. In other words, the software can guide you through the creation and implementation of a project.

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