Dynu IP Update Client

Keep your computer’s IP address updated according to the associated domain through silent checks and unattended dynamic updates thanks to this application.

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Dynu IP Update Client Description

Having multiple computers under your command is not an easy thing, especially when network details need to stay updated to the second. In this regard, Dynu IP Update Client offers a comprehensive set of tools with which a computer’s IP address gets automatically updated according to a domain’s requirements.

Set the IP address detection mode

Once the application is installed and launched, you need to provide your Dynu credentials associated to the domains you work with. Note that this application needs to be installed on all target computers for which to update the IP addresses, with management entirely done through a web interface, which makes it possible to edit settings from nearly any platform.

As such, this desktop client requires little effort on your behalf. You need to pay a visit to the settings tab, where you need to configure IP address detection mode, port to use, and whether or not to launch the engine and client on startup.

The application can be used more than in just a local network environment. This is where the IP address detection settings come in handy, but it’s fitted with an intuitive drop-down menu to make your decision easy and fast.

Silent change tracking and updating

Detection mode is not the only thing to be configured. A valid port needs to be specified, with the possibility to update IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Logging can be enabled with one of several detail levels.

Although the application regularly polls the server for any updates, the interval can manually be configured. You can also check and update on the spot. The application can quietly run in the background and perform all checks and updates.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Dynu IP Update Client is a reliable way to keep one or more computers updated with the right IP address for your domain. Changes are dynamically performed without affecting performance or ongoing activities.

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