Duplicate Remover Free

A user-friendly and effective application that you can resort to for finding and deleting all the duplicate files from your computer.

  • Duplicate Remover Free
  • Version :1.7
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ManyProg

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Duplicate Remover Free Description

Duplicate Remover Free is a simple and straightforward software utility created to help you quickly locate the copies of existing documents on your system, helping you delete them in order to save up disk space.

Clear-cut and intuitive usage

The application features a very basic and accessible interface, its usage posing little to no difficulty, even to the less experienced.

The main window of Duplicate Remover Free is separated into two main tabs, specifically ‘Search’ and ‘Search Result’, the former allowing you to indicate the targeted folders, while the latter displays the findings of the comparison task.

Swiftly identify and remove duplicate files from your PC

Firstly, you will need to indicate the targeted folders or system drives, being able to specify multiple directories by pressing on the ‘Add’ button, browsing through your computer and loading them individually.

Afterward, you can click ‘Start’ and Duplicate Remover Free will begin analyzing the storage locations, generating and displaying the results as they are found, in the dedicated tab, so you can witness the progress of operation yourself.

The program sorts items of the same format, size and modification date into groups, but regardless of their file path or file name, or other criteria. As such, if you are unsure about the status of certain files, you may want to double-check them manually, before deleting them, as some may not necessarily be duplicates.

To erase them, you simply need to check the boxes corresponding to the items you no longer need, then press the ‘Action’ button and select ‘Remove. A popup dialog will ask you to confirm your choice prior to executing the task.

A handy duplicate searcher

To summarize, Duplicate Remover Free is a practical and effective program that you can resort to for finding and eliminating redundant documents, pictures, songs or videos from your computer, being able to identify copies on your entire system in just a few minutes.

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