Disk Usage Analyzer Free

Determine which are the largest files and folders you store on your computer with the help of this lightweight and effective application.

  • Disk Usage Analyzer Free
  • Version:1.5
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:ManyProg

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Disk Usage Analyzer Free Description

Disk Usage Analyzer Free is a simple to understand software utility that aims to assist you in discovering the largest directories on your system, allowing you to view size-related information about every folder and subfolder.

Straightforward and uncomplicated GUI

Following a quick and easy setup process, you can launch the application and bgin working with it immediately, its basic looks posing little problem, even for less knowledgeable individuals.

The main window of Disk Usage Analyzer Free lets you define the target location and start or stop the operation with a single button press. Depending on the depth of scanning task that it needs to perform, this can take more or less time.

Obtain an overview of your folders’ size

Before anything else, you need to indicate the directory that you wish to focus the program’s attention on, being able to specify a folder or even an entire computer drive using the ‘Browse’ button.

Subsequently, you can press ‘Start Analyze’ and the utility will begin sifting through all the contents of the targeted disk or folder, gradually listing items as it uncovers them and informing you of their dimensions, as well as the number of files they comprise. However, you cannot view the files themselves, for this purpose you need to resort to your File Explorer.

With the help of Disk Usage Analyzer Free, you can quickly determine which are the folders that are eating up too much space on your computer, but it does not provide you with any components for managing them or even a quick access feature to help you open them.

A tool for assessing directory sizes

To summarize, Disk Usage Analyzer Free is a practical and easy to handle application aimed at measuring the precise amount of space each folder occupies on your PC drives, allowing you to take action and remove useless data.

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