Drive Policies Management Toolkit

A user-friendly and effective application aimed to help you modify the drive policies on your computer, for the current users or for all.

  • Drive Policies Management Toolkit
  • Version :1.00
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Michal Hanebach

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Drive Policies Management Toolkit Description

Drive Policies Management Toolkit is a lightweight and efficient piece of software that was developed to assist you in adjusting the Windows drive policy, enabling you to hide specific disks or prevent AutoRun.

Clear-cut and accessible usage

The application features a simple and functional interface, making it easy to handle, even by less experienced individuals. However, bear in mind that for it to function properly, you need to use your administrator privileges when running it.

The main window of Drive Policies Management Toolkit displays the available functions and allows you to choose the one you want to work with just by clicking on it.

Effortlessly modify your drive letter policies for one or all users

The program enables you to hide a specific drive letter, as well as prevent access or deactivate AutoRun on certain disks. It displays all of the available letters and lets you manually decide the behavior of each one, just by checking the box corresponding to the action you wish to take.

Moreover, Drive Policies Management Toolkit lets you disable AutoRun only on a specified type of disk, for instance the removable or fixed ones, network drives, CD-ROMs or RAM disks, depending on your individual preference. From the ‘Settings’ section, you can determine whether to apply the modifications to the current user only, or to all PC users.

The utility enables you to activate or deactivate USB Write Protection, the latter option providing you with the choice to delete StorageDevicePolicies registry keys. This change however, will affect all users of the computer. Nonetheless, you can always restore all settings to their default state, at the push of a button.

A handy instrument for modifying drive policies

To conclude, Drive Policies Management Toolkit is a useful and reliable application that can successfully assist you in customizing the way your drives behave, being able to hide them or disable AutoRun, with minimal effort.

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