DiskBoss Server

Perform a wide range of file management operations with this server-based application that can be configured and operated locally or through a network.

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DiskBoss Server Description

DiskBoss Server is a complex application that can help you perform disk space utilization analysis, classify files, find duplicate documents and remove them, as well as synchronize folders, wipe data and monitor your disks for changes.

It is server-based, which means the client allows you to connect to a DiskBoss server locally or via a network to control running activities and manage your configuration options.

The application is very easy-to-use and packs its numerous features in an intuitive interface, suitable for novices and experts alike.

Set up and manage multiple tasks

Once of the application’s most noteworthy functions is that it enables you to create any number of jobs and run them simultaneously or on a particular schedule.

They are all displayed in the main program window, along with details about their current status, the last time they were launched and the number of files they are set to process.

You can start or stop them at any time and view a log that gives you an overall view of when they were previously launched.

Analyze disk space usage

DiskBoss Server can perform a detailed analysis of the current status of your drives, displaying which files and folders use up the most free space.

You can even view a chart that shows disk space usage by file extension or directory, as well as the number of files or certain types stored on your drives.

Manage and organize your data

The application offers a broad range of tools for classifying, moving, copying and deleting files according to preset rules.

You can monitor specified paths for changes in file structure, find and clean duplicate documents, wipe data completely and synchronize folders.

Overall, DiskBoss Server is a comprehensive software solution that allows you to analyze disk space utilization, clean up your drives and perform numerous file management operations. It can be run and configured locally or through a network and features an intuitive interface.

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