DiskBoss Enterprise

Relying on a server-client architecture, this application provides you with a reliable disk management solution, allowing fast file categorization and organizing.

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DiskBoss Enterprise Description

From the way and pace at which technology is advancing, we can say that a computer is man’s best virtual friend. Not just because of all the leisure activities it’s capable of delivering, but it greatly helps you out with day to day tasks, be them simple file management. In this regard, DiskBoss Enterprise comes with a complete set of analysis, careful management and reporting of various operations you need to perform on a computer.

Intuitive design and easy connection setup

Once the application is installed and good to go, you need to connect to a server where all data is stored and saved. However, you can use your own computer, with others connected to the same network being able to connect through the port and password you specify.

In terms of design, panels and elements you work with are polished and don’t give you a hard time accommodating. All tasks you create are enlisted in a center area along with corresponding details like name, date and time settings, size specifications and status. Server connection is constantly displayed so you know if your data is safe, while the upper toolbar puts all necessary functions at your disposal with which to create new tasks.

Rich list of file management operations

This is where the application shines. You most likely spend some time going through the amount and variety of operations you can perform, ranging from simple search sessions to folder synchronization and file processing. A minor detail that greatly comes in handy is the possibility to create groups to better manage your operations.

You start off by providing a name for your task and depending on your selection, new windows pop up with dedicated requirement fields. Target areas can either be locally or connected to your network, with a simple drop-down menu and open dialog letting you navigate to it.

Schedule tasks and generate reports

Each tool has its own set of advanced options. These let you carefully tweak each operation so you don’t end up with unnecessary details or functions. Scheduling is also possible, but it needs to be done after creating your tasks. However, this gives a better overview of your work, with the process having you select recurrence period and time, while the last step is selecting the task from a list.

You encounter flexibility even when trying to export data. Tasks can be saved to easily import them on other computers, generate thorough, customizable reports and even set up email notifications to alert you when important changes occur. In addition, network administrators can integrate SQL databases by enabling ODCB from the options menu and filling in required credentials.

A few last words

On an ending note, DiskBoss Enterprise is a fully-featured file management solutions, with a lot of potential that lives up to expectations. It enables you to connect different network devices for clever management throughout networks, while the amount and diversity in the type and number of tasks you can create and automate makes it worthwhile and definitely worth a try.

NOTE: This edition benefits from all features you encounter in DiskBoss Pro, DiskBoss Ultimate and DiskBoss Server.

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