Device Manager for Windows 10

View useful information about your computer’s hardware and software configuration, with this intuitive, novice-friendly application.

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Device Manager for Windows 10 Description

Not all users are familiar with the hardware and operating system characteristics of their computers, and an application that can provide a quick and easy method of obtaining system info is bound to come in handy.

Device Manager is a simple and intuitive program that can help you learn more about your PC and obtain important details that are often difficult to get through other means.

View info about your computer’s configuration

The program provides you with data related to your processor, display adapter, network settings, operating system, battery and other devices.

Naturally, those who are expecting to obtain a comprehensive report may be somewhat disappointed, but Device Manager is a great tool for less experienced users who only want to get a general idea of which hardware and software components are available.

Minimalistic program that displays the info you need in an intuitive manner

While Device Manager may not offer a comprehensive hardware and software report, it should be appreciated for the clear-cut way in which it lists the extracted information.

You can switch between the available tabs to cycle between various categories, and they should be fairly self-explanatory.

Perform modifications and export or share extracted data

It is possible to draw custom content onto a certain information panel once it has been selected, enabling you to highlight various items that are particularly important.

The entire report can be exported to a standard TXT file, but you also have the option of saving only the data displayed in individual tabs.

Moreover, you can share your device’s details with others easily, as well as copy the information to the clipboard.

All in all, Device Manager is a lightweight, user-friendly application that provides you with a quick and easy method of obtaining information about your computer’s hardware and software configuration. It is well suited for novices, and it enables you to share and export data with very little effort.

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