This is a versatile and practical application that comes in handy for users who need to organize their files and access them from any device.

  • Alterante
  • Version :1.0 Build 2016101601 Beta
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Alterante, LLC

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Alterante Description

Alterante is a comprehensive and effective piece of software that helps users to organize their important files such as photos, videos, movies, albums, documents and e-mails and access them from any device instantly. It allows you to open any file, without leaving your browser.

Because Alterante organizes your important files in categories, you can get all your documents and presentations classified and tagged. This way, you can access them more easily. What’s more, you can even set your own tags and secure only the files you don’t want to be exposed to others and share them only with the people you want.

After selecting the folder you want to be scanned by the application and configuring the username and the password, you can access Alterante and start managing your documents, movies and photos.

The left panel displays all of the available file types, the configured tags and the time range. In this manner, in case you want to view all your photos, you can navigate to the proper category and open or send them via e-mail.

Also, using Alterante, you can rest assured that all your files are backed up automatically. After choosing the number of backup copies you would like to store to you computer, the application will notify you when there are insufficient copies of the file on your network.

Since it enables you to access your favorite pictures and important documents from any device, be it PC, smartphone or tablet, you can send requests to your computer remotely via e-mail and get access to any of your files, even without a browser. Moreover, you can create and share tags with your friends and coworkers and enjoy files effortlessly.

To wrap it up, Alterante helps you to make your files accessible and allows you to view them from any device you want, even though they are stored safely in your computer. Since your personal documents and pictures are not copied to the cloud, your files will not be exposed to other users.

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