CyberLink Director Suite

Contains professional and comprehensive multimedia tools for editing, capturing video or audio files and modifying image files with ease.

  • CyberLink Director Suite
  • Version :5.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :CyberLink Corp

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CyberLink Director Suite Description

Every form of multimedia entertainment is heavily processed before it reaches your screen in an attempt to keep your eyes glued to it. Specialized applications are used to tweak audio and create visual effects. With this in mind, CuberLink Director Suite comes equipped with a handful of multimedia tools so you can enhance videos, music and images.

A set of professional multimedia editing tools

As mentioned above, this is only a method of deploying several dedicated tools with the help of which you can edit multimedia files, as well as the possibility to create works of art from scratch, where the case applies. Components included in the package are professional tools, namely AudioDirector, ColorDirector, PowerDirector, as well as PhotoDirector.

The overall process requires incredibly little effort on your behalf, most of the time being spent waiting for components to be downloaded and installed. You only need to specify a destination directory, and somewhere along the way select components you want to install.

Process and repair audio files

With the suite successfully deployed, you are free to use any of the apps as you see fit, with no menu to link them together. In case you’re into music, AudioDirector surely comes in handy. With a friendly interface, as is the case for all components, you are easily able to edit a wide range of audio formats, apply effects and even attempt to fix corrupted sound.

Combine photos and clips to create videos

On the other hand, PowerDirector gives you access to powerful multimedia editing options with the help of which movie editing and assembly is possible. With a timeline display of content, support for multiple file types and a handful of effects, anyone can have a shot at creating a personal or professional video.

Enhance images with various effects

If you happen to own a powerful camera, you might want to check out ColorDirector and PhotoDirector. Similar in design and functions, they provide a suitable canvas on which you can remove errors from your pictures or simply attempt to create masterpieces with a large palette of tools and effects.

In conclusion

On an ending note, CyberLink Director Suite offers anyone the possibility to start learning and practice the art of multimedia editing. Similarities in design make sure you don’t get confused and easily get acquainted with the abundance of processing options. Regardless of your intentions or necessities, you’re sure to find at least one component that lives up to expectations.

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