Cyberlink ActionDirector

A software application that allows users to create action videos from their raw footage with support for slow motion effects and quick corrections.

  • Cyberlink ActionDirector
  • Version:2.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:CyberLink Corp

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Cyberlink ActionDirector Description

There are plenty of video editors on the market that provide various features to enhance and modify content. However, the workflow is most of the times cumbersome and complicated, with time-consuming interfaces that divert your attention from completing a project. Cyberlink Action Director is a software solution aimed to create videos with the minimal amount of effort and time.

A straightforward installation that gives way to a clean interface

The application can be installed only after all of its components have been downloaded, so a reliable Internet connection is required to start utilizing the software.

You gain access to a minimalistic interface that provides all of its features in a few menus and tabs. There are no complicated sub-menus or windows to make you lose focus when editing your videos.

Create action videos from your raw footage

The purpose of the software is to help you compile videos from the scenes shot with action cameras. The application provides support for 120 and 240 frames per second footage, and it is capable of applying color and lens corrections with minimal quality loss.

Cyberlink Action Director is designed to handle videos with 4K quality and 360 degrees viewpoint. You can also trim, add titles, effects, transitions, and switch viewing modes to determine the overall visuals of your project.

You can also drag and drop items to decrease production times, and make quick modifications, such as lens correction, color balance, and stability, with a few mouse clicks.

Share your projects faster and more efficiently

Cyberlink Action Director handles popular video formats, saving you the trouble of converting footage before editing it. You can also distribute videos much more rapidly by uploading them to third-party services or specialized platforms.

All in all, this video editor is a complete tool and a useful accessory for users with action cameras. It enables you to compile quickly and enhance raw footage, as well as distribute it more efficiently.

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