Improve your typing speed in English by practicing and testing your skills with the help of this user-friendly piece of software.

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CursoMecaNet Description

If you feel like your typing skills do not allow you to work at peak performance, and you need some practice, resorting to a software utility might prove an interactive exercise.

CursoMecaNet is an application designed to help you with precisely that since it puts at your disposal a series of lessons and tests you can take in order to enhance your typing skills in English.

Helps you practice your typing skills

The way the software utility was built puts a lot of emphasis on ease of use, with the available lessons and tests being grouped in menus at the top of the main window.

Considering that the application is capable of generating reports on your activity, you may want to create a user account in the “Sessions” section to store all this info.

As for the structure of each lesson, it is worth point out that various strings of text are displayed in a box, with the possibility of changing its font in order to prevent eyestrain. Detailed indications as to which finger should press which key are packed in the main window as well, with a virtual keyboard being integrated so that you can better visualize these recommendations.

Can test and assess your progress

Apart from that, comprehensive statistics about your performance can be inspected in a box on the left, with details such as the number of typed words, speed, total time, errors, and points being included. Note that, regardless of whether you are in the middle of a lesson or test, you can take a pause in case there is anything interfering with your workflow.

What needs to be mentioned as well is the fact that you can resort to the material bundled by the application in order to enhance your typing skills, but there is also the option to come up with your own resources.

User-friendly app teaching you how to type in English

All things considered, CursoMecaNet is a typing tutor you can resort to if you want to make sure you make the most of your keyboard. The program boasts various lessons and exams and is capable of collecting data about your performance so that you can easily assess your progress. This along with the overall simplicity of the program qualifies it for a chance on your part.

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