Smoothly manage and organize your Internet Cafe business with the help of this useful app that allows you to print bills, remotely control client computer, and many other useful such as tasks.

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Cafe Description

Managing an Internet Cafe without any type of specialized software is definitely something not worth the trouble, especially considering the level of control required for running such a business.

This is precisely why this useful app was born. Dubbed Cafe, this little app aims to make things a whole lot easier and to help you ensure an organized environment for your customers. First off, please note that this application is comprised out of two standalone utilities with self-explanatory names, as follows: Cafe Server and Cafe Client.

Uncomplicated installation procedures

As you can imagine, the Cafe Server should be installed on only one computer belonging to a member of the staff and the other version should be deployed on all customer computers.

The installation itself is pretty straightforward, mainly thanks to an intuitive wizard-based installer that takes care of deploying both parts of the software. It’s recommended that you run the installer with full administrative rights. You’ll have to restart the workstation after any installation and allow communication on port 57577, as well. You can resort to the comprehensive user manual located in the app’s home folder if you run into trouble with the configuration process.

Feature-packed server app with a very functional UI

Since the Cafe Client app is more simplistic, we’ll focus more on Cafe Server. In short, it allows you to monitor the state of each of the client computers, to remotely control them, and to print bills. For instance, from the Control Panel dropdown menu, you can reboot, shutdown, wake up, and send a sleep signal for individual or for all the client computers.

The server app has a few other nifty features like a handy price calculator and other discount, statistics, billing-related specialized sections, that should help you run things in your Internet Cafe as smoothly as possible.

Effortlessly run your Internet Cafe business with the help of this app

To conclude, it’s quite clear that Cafe is a very well thought-out application with lots of useful features that should help any Internet Cafe administrator or staff member run a tight ship. It’s easy to install, it features a comprehensive manual/documentation section, and it’s actually very user-friendly. The only potential drawback, for some users, at least, is the fact that it looks fairly outdated.

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