Powerful CSV file editing tool that can manage all columns inside the input document, allowing you to export the output to various formats.

  • CSVed
  • Version :2.5.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Sam Francke

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CSVed Description

CSVed is a handy and reliable application designed to help you handle CSV files, no matter their separator. Practically, it can be used for every operation you can think of: edit table content and add new items, change the separator, remove duplicates or sort information.

The program provides users with a clean interface, where the content of the opened CSV file is displayed in a list view. The records can be edited either with the help of the ‘Edit Form’ or using the ‘Text Editor’, which displays each item in the table, separated by comma.

There are a wide variety of actions that you can perform with CSVed. You can change the start row, change column names, add new items, hide entries, set a new column order or rapidly change the display format in a date field. It also provides basic options for column editing (edit, copy, add new), while also enabling you to add random numbers, row numbers or empty rows.

In addition, you can join and split columns or split the whole table into several smaller CSV or TXT files. Adding prefixes and suffixes, inserting characters, change data width limit, append and merge files or detect and remove duplicate entries are other options that you have at your disposal. The ‘Fixed Length Manager’ helps you set a fixed length for each field and truncate column data.

CSVed also allows you to filter the table information and save the filtered items to your computer, as well as sort the table columns alphabetically. The search and replace features can be used to quickly find certain words or expressions in the CSV file.

The software comes with a built-in converter that you can use to export the CSV file to XML format, but you can also export the file to HTML, Excel, Word and more. In addition, it provides you with a checking tool (scans the CSV file against errors) and a repair utility (fixes all the detected errors).

To conclude with, CSVed is a complete CSV file editor that features multiple options for manipulating CSV files in any way you want.

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