CS Ledger

Create a thorough database of stock items, vendors and customers, fill in a large variety of transaction forms and issue reports with this accounting application.

  • CS Ledger
  • Version :16.091
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Compleat Systems

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CS Ledger Description

In order for your business to achieve success or at least stay in good shape, you need to keep a good record of inventory products, sales, invoices and users. Computer applications significantly increase the way this task is carried out, with CS Ledger being just one example. It’s lightweight, simple and promises to watch over your business.

Each tool with its dedicated window

The main window is kept simple enough, with an upper toolbar providing quick access to all tools you get to work with. Each one opens up in a new window which you can, unfortunately, only drag through the main window, but you can always maximize it for more space.

Set up your product and contacts database

First off, you might want to spend a little time to configure your databases so that everything else links flawlessly. However, when creating an item or action, if there is no other entry to link it to you are prompted whether or not you want to add a new database record.

Shallow customization possibilities

Unfortunately, you might not always find much variety when it comes to creating new items. No custom fields can be added and those provided by the application are more oriented towards technical details. For example, there is no way to specify an inventory item’s type other than whether or not is in stock.

You also get to create invoices and various transaction forms, either for vendors or customers. However, there are no currency settings available, so you cannot modify symbol or display type, nor create tax values.

Issue reports and save to file

On the other hand, various reports can be issued, ranging from profit and loss, to customer, vendor, as well as item specific criteria. These can easily be printed out on a sheet of paper, sent via email, or even exported to various file formats.

A few last words

To sum it up, CS Ledger is equipped with a large variety of useful accounting tools, but the overall feature implementation leaves a little something to be desired. Functionality needs improvement, and the lack of customization forces you to limit item tracking only to provided requirement fields.

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