Completely change the look and feel of command prompt with an abundance of visual customization options addressed to overall appearance and text.

  • ConsoleZ
  • Version :
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Christophe Bucher

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ConsoleZ Description

Before all the pretty visuals of today’s operating systems you had to navigate through your computer and trigger actions with specific commands. It can still be done through Windows’ command prompt which can be equipped with external utilities for more possibilities. There are no customization options by default, but ConsoleZ aims to give you full control over visuals.

Can be used on the go

You don’t need to install the application on your system for it to properly function so you can safely keep it on a removable storage device a work in your personal command prompt on other computers as well. This also means system registries remain intact, thus not affecting your computer’s performance and health.

Simultaneously work on more projects

As soon as the application launches, all functions that command prompt supports are integrated and you can use them just as you normally would in the input field. Multiple tabs can be added in case you want to work on more projects at a time. Moreover, a single console can be split into multiple, independent panels.

Abundance of visual customization options

Customization plays an important role, with no additions to functionality. There’s an entire menu filled with color options, sliders, drop-down menus and more. Ranging from text style, size and color to custom console appearance, the application lets you blend the command prompt in any environment. You can literally re-design the command prompt and even configure hotkeys for an enhanced wrokflow.

Sadly, there’s no direct method of exporting a log file so you can keep track of your work or progress. On the other hand, the application gives you the possibility to copy text, so you might want to keep an editor at hand.

On an ending note

All things considered, ConsoleZ lives up to expectation by enabling you to fully customize the command prompt. It’s not affected in any way, nor is your computer, so you can rest assured that your style can be used on other machines as well, especially because no installation is required. No additional functions are added, except for the possibility to copy text, which further tips the scales in the app’s favor.

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