ComboTIFF for Windows

Combine multiple images into a single multi-page TIFF file, with the help of this application that provides output quality settings and offers page extraction.

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ComboTIFF for Windows Description

Working with numerous documents and image files when giving business presentations or displaying specific content can be quite tricky and time consuming. Users could look for an efficient solution for storing multiple images into a single file for easy access. ComboTIFF for Windows will provide people with an easy way of merging multiple images into a single, multi-page TIFF file. Additionally, it will allow one to extract specific pages from a multi-page image and convert them to JPG or PNG formats.

Appealing interface that offers flawless action through intuitive features

The application greets users with an elegant interface that boasts a high contrast theme (black / white) and well designed buttons and menus. Its layout will facilitate an easy handling and improve the overall user-friendliness through its thoughtful design.

Being mainly a merge / convert utility, it offers people a minimalist, two-section layout, where they will be able to easily add their required images and adjust the output settings respectively. Accompanying the file list and image preview sections, the status field will enable users to easily keep track of the conversion progress.

Merge multiple images into a single, multi-page TIFF file with this application that offers customizable output parameters

Users will be able to select the preferred operation (merging or extraction) and the application will offer plenty of settings for the image compression, resizing, resampling, quality and naming conventions. People are also allowed to manually insert copyright information of their choice and apply it to numerous files simultaneously.

In spite of its well designed interface and improved handling efficiency, demanding users might crave for extra features that could be present in similar software packages. For instance, it would have been beneficial for the application to also include a basic image editor or a larger preview module, for easy spotting of image issues.

Good software solution for creating multi-page TIFF files or extracting individual images from such files

All in all, this utility might be a valid choice for those who require an efficient way of merging multiple images into a single TIFF file. It will offer them excellent operation and easy handling, provided in a stylish design. Furthermore, it will allow users to also extract individual images from multi-page TIFF files and its output customization options are plentiful.

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