A catalog designer capable of creating professional-looking brochures, which makes it a useful tool in product promotion and marketing campaigns.

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CleverCat Description

CleverCat is a reliable and useful software, designed to help you in creating and customizing product catalogs. The application can be a useful tool in promoting products and marketing campaigns since it allows you to arrange the page layout in any way you like.

Creating a visual product identity

The software enables you to create and print large numbers of promotional brochures, and adjust the page layout in order to suit your or your employer’s requirements. Thus, you may edit the header and footer height, spacing, units arrangement, as well as page formatting.

In the unit display management tab, you can add or remove items from the page, such as images, text boxes, titles, price tags and descriptions. Using the Detail Table function, you can add multiple items, then freely resize and arrange them on the letter or landscape formatted page.

Products database

The software includes multiple catalog templates, but you can easily add your own models or edit the existing ones. Moreover, you may create a database of all the products, sorted by categories, in order to manage your inventory. You can assign data such as name, size, stick, price and images to each object in the inventory.

The different categories of products require separate promoting brochures, for instance, a book commercial can be more creative than a cookware catalog. The inventory table is adjustable, allowing you to insert or delete rows or columns, add new categories, products or update images and product data. You may view a preview of the final catalog layout, before sending it to the printer.

You can create your product database with CleverCat or import it from another supported file, such as an Excel spreadsheet.


CleverCat is an intuitive tool that enables you to manage your sales business and promote your products, with professionally looking catalogs. The software enables you to set up or update the database of products, as well as design page layouts, using templates or creating them from the beginning to the end.

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