Look up the meaning of words in your own language or in foreign ones, with just a few keystrokes, even being able to translate whole sentences.

  • Clarify
  • Version :1.5.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Clarify Ltd.

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Clarify Description

Living in a globalized world means that sooner or later you will be confronted with languages or words whose sense you do not know or fully understand, but which you need to learn fast, not having the time to browse through thick dictionaries to find the right answer.

Fortunately, there are plenty of applications to cater to this need, and one of them is Clarify, a lightweight piece of software that can provide you with the meaning or translation of a word in just moments, using highly regarded sources, such as Collins or KDictionaries.

Streamlined and easy to handle initial setup

Following a fairly quick and uneventful installation operation, you will need to login to your account. You can also register one on the spot or use your social media accounts instead.

Once launched and connected, you can begin working with Clarify right away. By default, it runs automatically at Windows startup, but this can be disabled, and you can minimize it to the taskbar, but not to the system tray.

Discover the meaning and pronunciation of words or translate whole sentences to another language

When first working with the application, you can select your native language or the one you use most often, then indicate other languages you may have to deal with. You can also customize these preferences from the ‘Settings’ area later on.

The ‘Dictionaries’ section of Clarify provides you with the meaning of a word you select in any document and window, then press the ‘CTRL+F11’ hotkey (this too can be changed) to look it up. Using popular and reliable sources for the results, such as Collings or KDictionaries, Merriam-Webster, or Cappelen Damm, you can be sure that the returned results are accurate, in any of the target languages.

It even features a pronunciation tool to help you learn how to correctly read certain words. Moreover, the utility comes with a ‘Translation’ component, enabling you to quickly translate sentences and paragraphs into a different language.

A practical translation assistant for English and other languages

Overall, Clarify is a useful and intuitive program that you can resort to whenever you need to check a word in the dictionary or learn its translation to other languages. It offers results in no time, from trusted sources, so you can use them without worrying about their accuracy.

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