Seamlessly and conveniently print any type of check from any country you are doing business with to a normal office printer with this utility.

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ChequePRO Description

ChequePRO is an application designed for businesses who are trading at international level with other companies and that want to print out valid cheques that are recognized by the banks across the world.

Includes an intuitive and easy to navigate GUI

Even though it entails decompressing the archive and installation, the operation is quick, straightforward and does not require any special attention from your part. Upon launch, you are required to login with the default username and password, but you can change them later on.

The interface is user-friendly, clean and consists of three major areas, namely the toolbar, the active banks summary as well as the working and preview area. It is worth mentioning that in the latter, you solely need to select the cheque template of the country you are doing business with, the name of the recipient and the sum of money you want to pay.

Supports digital signature and cheque management

The idea behind the application is to provide you with a quick and painless method of filling in cheques for the companies you are trading with, so that they are valid and accepted by their national banks. You can seamlessly add new users, banks and sensitive information about the money agencies you are dealing with.

Considering that you are issuing the cheque, it goes without saying that the program allows you to customize the tickets with an electronic signature that is representative of your company or authorized personnel. You will be glad to learn that the digital signature can be obtained from a standard image (TIFF, PNG, JPE or BMP) or even scanning a piece of paper that you previously signed.

Other noteworthy features that the application can provide you include management over payment vouchers, withdrawals, customers, payee and reports that can include all transactions made.

A powerful tool for companies trading internationally

In the eventuality that you are trading with international companies and are using cheques as one of your frequent payment methods, then ChequePRO can provide you with the required templates for printing out valid cheques for your customers, associates or suppliers.

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